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Urgent Repairs

Urgent Repairs
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionFarrah was taking some goods to a spot near Drunkard Gorge to sell to passing trade caravans, but his transport was attacked by hilichurls, and now both he and the transport are in danger...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go check the details
• Defeat all opponents
• Talk to Farrah
FarrahFarrah: No, please! Don't hurt me! No— ah? Traveler, where did all the hilichurls go?Farrah: Great! Thank you so much! Are they really all gone?Farrah: Phew... I owe you. That said, after all that fuss I won't be able to catch up to the caravan now.Farrah: What's more my cart is broken. I need to get it fixed and head to the city before the fruit goes bad.Farrah: Once this much fruit goes bad— You can't even imagine the smell. I'll never manage to wash it out.Farrah: I'm going to have to take stock again... I can already smell some of the fruit going bad.Farrah: Can you please help me by taking a look around for some materials to fix my cart with? A Sturdy Plank should be enough to do it.
Farrah: Great! I'll wait for you here. Ugh, I wish I could find the fruits that have gone bad already...
Farrah: Wait! Please... Smell that? Now imagine that, but a thousand times worse — that'll be my cart if I don't shift all this fruit before long! Please help me.
• Collect wood
FarrahFarrah: There should be plenty of Sturdy Planks in the forest. Please hurry, if we wait too much longer all the fruit will be lost.
• Give the Sturdy Plank to Farrah
FarrahFarrah: This is plenty. I'll get this cart fixed up as soon as I've washed my hands...Farrah: Huh? They're— they're back...! Traveler! They're baaaack!!!
• Defeat all opponents
• Talk to Farrah
FarrahFarrah: Thank you so much, Traveler.Farrah: Although, they seem pretty persistent. I can't stay here any longer, it's just too dangerous.Farrah: They've bashed up the cart yet again. There's no point me trying to fix it up perfectly... I guess I'll just have to make do by wrapping a rope— Oh for heaven's sake, where is my rope!?Farrah: I cannot believe this! Those monsters must've run off with it. Traveler... how's about you see if you can't find me a nice bit of rope around here...?
Farrah: I appreciate it! Those monsters seem to want anything and everything they can get their hands on.
Farrah: Hey, wait! W—What if they come back, then what am I supposed to do!? An artillery of apples won't do much good!Farrah: Come on, without your help I'll be done for!
• Collect rope
FarrahFarrah: There has to be some rope nearby. Please, if you could just take a look for me.
• Give the rope to Farrah
FarrahFarrah: Perfect. That'll see me as far the city, at least.Farrah: Thanks for your help, Traveler. May we meet again.Farrah: Ugh, how am I going to get rid of this awful smell...

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