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Exchanging Pointers

Exchanging Pointers
Requires AR26
Is Part ofHangout Event: Diona - Act I
DescriptionIn order to learn the tricks of a professional mixologist, Diona decides to exchange pointers with Connor.
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Special Cocktailing Condiments
RequiresSpecial Cocktailing Condiments
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go to Dawn Winery and meet Diona
• Start making a cocktail
Elzer, Connor
Elzer: Great job, keep it up. We'll definitely be able to hire Diona as resident bartender here!
Connor: I hope it works. I was out there for weeks waiting for this chance... We mustn't let this opportunity go to waste.
Elzer: You really outdid yourself this time, Connor. As long as we can get Diona to come work here, all our hard work will have paid off. This is just the first step.
Elzer: Now don't forget, Diona must feel our sincerity and our passion! Oh, and remember, try not to overdo it...
Connor: No problem. We've already gone over this many times before.
Elzer: Huh?! Oh, hehe... nothing. We're just uhh... just discussing some winery business matters, yeah... hahaha.
Connor: Y-Yeah, we're talking about business. Let's go over the recent upkeep costs of the winery again, shall we, Elzer?
Diona: Remember, do everything completely opposite to how Connor did. This is the only way we can reach my... I mean, our goal.
• Give the cocktail to Diona
Diona: Alright, are you done mixing the drink?
Elzer, Connor
Connor: Uh, but... is it even...
Elzer: Connor, the most important thing right now is to show Diona our sincerity, understand?
Connor: Ah, understood!
• Talk to Diona
• Start making a cocktail
• Talk to Diona
Elzer, Connor
Elzer: Oh, are you... done? I'm very, uh... excited to taste your new work.
Connor: I wonder what kind of... surprise will be in store for us.

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