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Adventurers’ Entrance Exam

Adventurer's Entrance Exam
Requires AR26
Is Part ofHangout Event: Noelle - Act II
DescriptionAfter fully understanding Noelle's reasons for seeking him out, an elated and excited Cyrus decides to put you both through his new exam at the highest difficulty level.
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Adventurer's Entrance Exam
RequiresAdventurer's Entrance Exam
Adventurer's Entrance Exam
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go to Brightcrown Canyon
• Talk to Cyrus
• Fight the Ruin Guard
Cyrus: Go for it, Noelle! Remember, keep track of your time!
• Talk to Noelle
• Talk to Noelle
• Talk to Cyrus
• Talk to Cyrus
NoelleNoelle: Phew... I can't get complacent...Noelle: I should at least finish this book before taking a break...
• Return to the library and find Noelle
Noelle's Study NotesNoelle's Study Notes: "Windwheel Asters commonly found at Stormterror's Lair and Windrise," "Hit Ruin Guards in weak spots to gain upper hand"...Noelle's Study Notes: Each and every new detail learned during the adventure is recorded in neat and tidy handwriting — though it starts to get messier as you go down the page.Noelle's Study Notes: Some vague descriptions are closely followed by precise annotations adding further detail. This seems to be evidence of the writer fighting a valiant battle against sleepiness.

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