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Gift and Intent
Requires AR25
Is Part ofHangout Event: Noelle - Act I
DescriptionNoelle has, as is her wont, extended a helping hand to Bea, who is facing a bit of a romantic quandary. After some discussion, you decide to use a gift to help Bea get her feelings across...
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Fleeting Leisure
RequiresFleeting Leisure
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Marjorie
Beatrice: *sigh* How am I ever going to get Quinn to listen to me...?
• Give the Handpicked Gift to Bea
• Go to Cape Oath
• Take a picture of the view of Falcon Coast from Cape Oath
• Go to Starsnatch Cliff
• Take a picture of the top of Starsnatch Cliff at night (19:00 – 24:00)
• Go to Windrise
Beatrice: Oh? You're back! Find any romantic locations?
Beatrice: Oh... then please keep looking! This is really important to me.
• Take a picture at Windrise that captures the river and shade of the trees
• Talk to Bea
• Go to Windrise
Beatrice, Quinn
Beatrice: ...Quinn! Look! That's Falcon Coast — right there!
Quinn: Wow, you really can see it... I've always thought it was far away... I had no idea how close it was.
Beatrice: Perhaps... there are other things around you that seem far away, but are actually very close...
Quinn: You're right... So many potential customers out there...
• Talk to Noelle

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