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Gift and Intent
Requires AR25
Is Part ofHangout Event: Noelle - Act I
DescriptionNoelle has, as is her wont, extended a helping hand to Bea, who is facing a bit of a romantic quandary. After some discussion, you decide to use a gift to help Bea get her feelings across...
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Fleeting Leisure
RequiresFleeting Leisure
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Make a serving of Mondstadt Grilled Fish
Noelle: Whew! All these b—books have got my heart racing...
Noelle: I think I should take a break and do something else... to distract myself...
Noelle: Then again, perhaps I should finish this one first. Just the one, right?
Noelle's Study NotesNoelle's Study Notes: #"Make time to be together alone," "Give {F#her}{M#him} a cake you made yourself"...Noelle's Study Notes: Words of counsel and wisdom are penned here in a lovely hand that unfortunately grew shaky towards the tail end.Noelle's Study Notes: Some of the text has been arbitrarily struck out, seemingly a result of the owner's emotions suddenly running high.
• Give a serving of Mondstadt Grilled Fish to Bea
Beatrice: How am I ever going to get Quinn to listen to me...?
• Give a serving of Mondstadt Grilled Fish to Bea
Beatrice: What's... what's this? Not an attractive sight...
Beatrice: Smells a little strange, too... Surely this can't be what you want me give to Quinn?
Beatrice: *sigh* I'll keep waiting for you here then.
• Give a serving of Mondstadt Grilled Fish to Bea
Beatrice: Uh... Mondstadt Grilled Fish... for Quinn?
Beatrice: I have often said that I would bring him lunch... Would this really work? Hmm...
Beatrice: Well, since it's Noelle's recommendation, I'll give it a try!
• Talk to Noelle
• Talk to Bea
Quinn: Fruit, fresh fruit... want some fruit?
Quinn: Oh... she said something about giving me something to eat... but I'm really not hungry right now...
Quinn: Besides, she's constantly talking about bringing me lunch, so I didn't think anything of it this time...
• Look for Noelle in the library
• Talk to Noelle

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