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Mighty Cyclops’ Adventure!

Monoceros Caeli Chapter: Act I
Requires AR40
SeriesMonoceros Caeli Chapter: Act I
Number of Quests3
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 1725
Mora x 104100
Hero's Wit x 11
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 23
Primogem x 60
Guide to Freedom x 5
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Across the Sea

You and Paimon prepare to investigate a ruin near Lingju Pass...
• Ask the Millelith about the situation
• Investigate the Ruin Guard's whereabouts
• Investigate the Ruin Guard's whereabouts
• Investigate the Ruin Guard's whereabouts
• Defeat the Ruin Guard
• Talk to Paimon
• Keep searching the surrounding area
• Go to Northland Bank
• Talk to Childe
x 1725
x 104100
x 11
x 23
# 2Teucer's Terrific Tour

The Snezhnayan boy that you met by chance while investigating the Ruin Guards turned out to be Childe's younger brother Teucer. Childe requests that you keep his "identity" a secret and that you give the boy a tour of Liyue.
• Take Teucer out to the toy store
• Talk to Teucer
• Bring Teucer to Wanmin Restaurant
• Talk to Teucer
• Talk to Granny Shan
• Speak to Chef Mao
• Bring Teucer to the wharf
• Introduce the wharf to Teucer
• Talk to Teucer
• Talk to Teucer
• Talk to Teucer
• Bring Teucer to where Childe is
• Check on Childe's work
• Talk to the member of the Treasure Hoarders
• Talk to Slippery Wu and attempt to obtain the treasure again
• Go to Childe's location to look for Teucer
• Check on Childe's work
• Defeat all the Fatui recruits
x 625
x 38100
x 4
x 8
# 3Defender of Childhood Dreams

Though the process was winding and awkward, Childe proved able to conceal his identity from his brother. Before Teucer could return to Snezhnaya, Childe agreed to his final request — to tour Liyue's Institute for Toy Research. But in truth, that Institute is...
• Go to Liyue's Institute for Toy Research
• Talk to Childe
• Enter the Institute for Toy Research
• Protect Teucer, find a way to meet up with him
• Eliminate the Ruin Guard threat
• Find Childe and talk to him
• Talk to Teucer
• Return to Northland Bank
• Speak to the manager
• Talk to Childe
x 725
x 60
x 44000
x 5
x 5
x 10

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