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The Meaning of Lupical

Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I
Requires AR21
SeriesLupus Minor Chapter: Act I
Number of Quests4
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 1225
Mora x 44150
Adventurer's Experience x 22
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 9
Primogem x 60
Teachings of Resistance x 5
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Wolves' Territory

You and Paimon decide to pay a visit to Wolvendom, a place in Mondstadt that few people pass through, without any knowledge of the dangers that may await you within this primordial territory.
• Go to Wolvendom
• Talk to Paimon
• Defeat the slimes
• Thank the boy for his help
• Collect enough Raw Meat
• Give three chunks of Raw Meat to Razor
x 1225
x 44150
x 22
x 9
# 2Another Day as an Outrider!

On your last legs from being attacked by an enormous slime, you were rescued by a young man named Razor. Razor, who calls a wolf pack family, mentioned a "red one, burny girl." You have your guesses as to who that is...
• Find Amber and ask about the boy from Wolvendom
• Go to Drunkard Gorge
• Talk to Amber about the disturbance up ahead
• Defeat the hilichurls
• Talk to Siegfria
x 275
x 10000
x 5
x 2
# 3Ravaged by Wolves

It seems that the "red, burny girl" was not Amber, as you had thought. But you receive news from Amber about wolf pack attacks in Drunkard Gorge. The wolf pack, the boy, the attacks... things are getting more complicated. This calls for a thorough investigation.
• Talk to Draff
• Investigate Clue
• Investigate Clue
• Investigate Clue
• Calm the Springvale villagers down
x 275
x 10000
x 5
x 2
# 4Fate's Chosen Lupical

You are yet again led to Wolvendom. Are these Wolfhook seeds solid evidence? Are Razor and his wolf pack really behind the attack? Or are the Wolfhooks indicative of something else?
• Go to Wolvendom
• Talk to Razor
• Check for strange things along the way
• Talk to Amber
• Catch up to Razor
• Talk to Razor
• Go deeper into Wolvendom
• Talk to Razor about how to help the injured wolf
• Collect Wolfhook
• Give a Wolfhook to Razor
• Go to the grave of the Wolf of the North
• Challenge the Wolf of the North
x 400
x 60
x 14150
x 5
x 7
x 3

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