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The Origin of the Lanterns

Lantern Rite: Part I
Requires AR0
SeriesLantern Rite: Part I
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Primogem x 60
Hero's Wit x 3
Mora x 30000
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1The Origin of the Lanterns

On the day of the first full moon each year, the people of Liyue celebrate Lantern Rite. At nighttime, everyone in Liyue releases Xiao Lanterns and the Mingxiao Lantern into the bright night sky. Each Xiao Lantern contains a piece of Plaustrite that makes it float, and people hang wish sticks from them, which carry their hearts' desires in written or painted form. The lanterns slowly fly away, carrying the hope that the light they emit might guide the souls of Liyue's faithful protectors home, that they might return and be reunited with their people once more. You and Paimon arrive in Liyue as the festival is in full swing, preparing to enjoy yourselves...
• Talk to Verr Goldet
• Go to Liyue Harbor
• Talk to Changchang
• Talk to Madame Ping
• Talk to Jiangzhou
• Talk to Wang'ya
• Talk to Yi'nian
• Report back to Wang'ya
• Talk to Jingming
• Report back to Wang'ya
x 60
x 3
x 30000

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