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Lantern Rite: Day 2

Lantern Rite: Day 2
Requires AR0
SeriesLantern Rite: Day 2
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Water Beneath the Lanterns Flows Deep

The most awaited moment of the Lantern Rite is the time when a giant Mingxiao Lantern released into the sky on the night of the fifth day. And the size of the Mingxiao Lantern this year is a sight that you don't want to miss, as the levitation stone used to make the giant lantern float this year is the biggest in 20 years. On this special occasion, the merchants of Liyue have prepared a Xiao Market, which was built using the same materials as the lanterns. When you arrived at the Xiao Market, the event organizer Huixin asked you for a favor...
• Go to Xiao Market
• Obtain Azurite from Bloatty Floatties
• Obtain Vermillionite from the Ruin Hunter
• Go back to Xiao Market and talk to Huixin
• Have a look at the construction site
• Talk to the suspicious person
• Investigate around the stockpile
• Talk to the Millelith

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