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No Mere Stone

Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act II
Requires AR40
SeriesHistoria Antiqua Chapter: Act II
Number of Quests5
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 2050
Mora x 124400
Hero's Wit x 14
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 26
Primogem x 60
Guide to Gold x 5
Dream Solvent x 1
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Strange Sights, Stolen Souls

Katheryne of the Adventurers' Guild in Liyue Harbor has a new commission for you. You and Paimon decide to find out what it's all about.
• Go to the Liyue Adventurers' Guild and talk to Katheryne
• Head to the dock and find the foreman, Uncle Dai
• Head to the dock and find the foreman, Uncle Dai
• Look for Zhongli
• Return to the dock and talk to Uncle Dai
x 2050
x 124400
x 14
x 26
# 2Truth in the Stones

You arrive at the mine, the scene of the incident, and begin your investigation. A series of clues makes clear that there is nothing ordinary about this disappearance. What is the connection between the mysterious person behind this incident and the missing miners? Where did the missing miners disappear to? You have to know the truth.
• Head to the mining site that Uncle Dai mentioned
• Look for clues
• Look for more clues
• Look for more clues
• Report the outcome of your investigation to Uncle Dai
• Find Kun Jun
x 400
x 24100
x 3
x 5
# 3Shifting Earth and Lost Threads Come to Light

The evidence at the mining site suggests that the miners followed the road north. You follow the trail, gradually closing in on them.
• Head to Lingju Pass to investigate
• Look for more clues in the area
• Follow the footprints
• Ask people nearby for information
• Follow the road and keep up the pursuit
• Save the ambushed scholar
• Talk to the scholar
• Head to Nantianmen and look for clues
• Take the miner to a nearby camp to rest
• Ask people nearby for information
• Ask people nearby for information
x 625
x 38100
x 4
x 8
# 4Amidst Chaos, the Rock Is Unmoved

Finally, you reach Nantianmen. A curious ancient tree has quietly stood here throughout the ages, bearing witness to all that has come to pass. To rescue the miners and solve this puzzle once and for all, you proceed to the ancient site that holds all the answers...
• Rendezvous with Kun Jun
• Head to the ancient tree and investigate
• Find Zhongli
• After preparing, enter the tunnel
• Enter the Domain at the end of the underground tunnel
• Defeat Azhdaha
• Learn the truth of the situation
• Return to the ancient tree
• Talk to Zhongli
x 625
x 60
x 38100
x 5
x 1
x 4
x 8

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