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Beyond This World’s Stars

Astrolabos Chapter: Act I
Requires AR38
SeriesAstrolabos Chapter: Act I
Number of Quests4
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 1675
Mora x 100350
Hero's Wit x 12
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 22
Primogem x 60
Teachings of Resistance x 5
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Astrology and the 50-Year Pact

You and Paimon went outside Liyue, intending to set off on an adventure...
• Leave Liyue Harbor
• Find out what the girl who stopped you wants
• Find out what the girl who stopped you wants
• Accompany Mona to say farewell to Mr. Zhu
• Attract slimes and reclaim Mr. Zhu's lost ring
• Defeat the slimes and search for the ring
• Talk to Paimon
• Give the ring back to Mr. Zhu
x 1675
x 100350
x 12
x 22
# 2To Mondstadt

The astrologist Mona, who you met by chance outside Liyue Harbor, has promised that if you go with her to Mondstadt to fulfill her appointment, she will help you read the truth behind the gods and your sibling. Leaving Liyue Harbor, you head towards Mondstadt.
• Go to Wangshu Inn en route to Mondstadt
• Sit next to the table and accept Mona's invitation
• Talk to Mona and enjoy a good meal
• Look for the innkeeper and ask to borrow the kitchen to make Mona a dish
• Cook Golden Crab
• Give the Golden Crab (Normal or Delicious) to Mona
• Continue your journey, head for the Stone Gate
• Talk to Mona as she rests
• Fend the bandits off
• Talk to Mona
x 625
x 38100
x 4
x 8
# 3A Bewildering Fate

On your journey, you witness Mona's strength as an astrologist, as well as her constraints. At last, you arrive at your destination — Mondstadt.
• Reach Mondstadt
• Talk to Mona, prepare to meet the successor
• Catch up with Klee and retrieve the box
• Talk to Klee and retrieve the box
• Defeat the attacking Dendro Slimes
• Talk to Klee and retrieve the box
• Accompany Klee to return the box to Mona
• Speak to Katheryne and help Mona find a place to stay
• Head to the magical laboratory and check the seal
• Talk to Mona
x 525
x 60
x 31125
x 5
x 4
x 7

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