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Vera’s Melancholy (X)

Vera's Melancholy (X)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description"It's enough. Let's go home... The furthest place I've dreamt of, is the Delphi where you are."
Though the explanation is delayed, you should know that Delphi is the center of Greek mythology. Vera's Melancholy - the perfect ending... or is it?
Item Story
To revive Vera, Sachi, Ike and the Princess embarked on a spectacular and thrilling journey that lasted twenty years. From battling Signor Inferno to slaying the Star Devourer, the trio had even rescued two galaxies and the Galaxy Empire, and eliminated four species of ruthless interstellar worms along the way.
When Vera opened her eyes, she found herself in the arms of Sachi, now a hero of cosmic proportions.
To the dominant species of Andromeda, twenty years was nothing more than a few seconds. The Princess looked lovely as always, but her countenance was a curious mix of genuine happiness and loss.
Sachi, having lost an eye in his adventures, was now a tall and strapping young man. His flowing tears soaked into Vera's shoulders — though still prone to tears, he was no longer his feeble-minded self.
The years had been kind to Ike, who after all this time still had that same old smile on his face.
"I am but an echo of time," Ike said as he began his preparations. "As I've said, the past cannot change the future, for the predetermined rules of equilibrium are slightly more powerful than me. But the future, with its infinite possibilities, could save the world."

Ike transformed Sachi back into who he was twenty years ago, and time reversed itself to the day of their departure. Everything seemed to remain unchanged between the four, though they realized that the innocence they once shared was one thing that could never return.
"I am sorry for depriving you of your childhood," Ike said to him. "Now go, the youth that you deserve awaits."
"I have witnessed every wonder in the universe for your sake, and this was how my childhood ended." Sachi summoned every last ounce of his courage as he stood before the girl of his destiny. "I will never reach my youth without you by my side."

What will her answer be?
Editor's note: The author of "Vera's Melancholy" is now off living the high life with the royalties from the first nine volumes. If you happen to see him in your corner of the universe, please help us to impress upon him the urgency with which we require the next volume.

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