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Vera’s Melancholy (VI)

Vera's Melancholy (VI)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionThere was once a great scholar who wished to write a book about all the festive days of the empire.
After looking into it more closely, he discovered that every single day had some sort of a festival associated with it... He persevered with this monumental writing task for six months before giving up on it.
But don't worry — as far as this book is concerned, I am the author, and I won't let my readers down!
Item Story
Though those things had indeed happened, they were occurrences on a galactic scale. Now, something more mundane was about to happen. The date of the town festival was drawing near.
"I suppose it's finally my turn to introduce you two to this small town, then?" Vera said as she served the Princess and Ike her very own braised dishes.
After all, those things they had encountered in their galactic escapades had to be explained by the Princess and Ike. If there was any knowledge Vera had to present to them, it was the knowledge of her hometown.
"...Afterward, the great king's first messenger, the brave knight Huffman strode west across two continents, crossing great oceans and rivers. As for the imperial sage, the witch from the east, she passed by her hometown on her road eastward, and then came by the land of the Nether. Thus, they finally met here."
"Huh, is that so. How interesting." Though she was trying hard not to let Vera notice that she did not in fact care for the story at all, the Princess' acting skills required some work.
"So that can only mean that this place is on the polar opposite side of this world from the great king's capital, right?" Ike said, commenting on a seemingly unimportant aspect of the tale.
"Ahahaha, that's true if you think about it." Vera rubbed the back of her head with a crooked smile.

"I've always said that I want to leave this place, but in the end, I discovered that this is the place that I'm most familiar with." Having come to this realization on the eve of the town's anniversary, Vera began crying right in front of Sachi's eyes.
"You numbskull! You made Vera cry!" The Princess made her entry with a flying kick, sending Sachi hurtling away.

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