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Vera’s Melancholy (V)

Vera's Melancholy (V)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionYou can't have picnics on the sides of a galactic highway! Even the deities will be held fully responsible for road accidents that might occur!
The doorway to a study in a simple village connects to anywhere in space and time! Having tea with the deities, playing hide-and-seek across time... Vera's great adventure continues!
Item Story
When Ike was taking a nap, his servants waged a terrible war against each other.
The great wizard had subdued many gods and demons to serve under him. As the most formidable wizard of his day, Ike was in command of gods and demons more numerous than the entries in a dictionary. But who was the strongest of those under his rule? The gods and demons decided to find out for themselves through battle.
Unfortunately, they seemed to have erroneously regarded as their own three who were neither gods nor demons: the Princess, Sachi, and Vera.
Ike only slept for two hours, but in that time three stars had already been destroyed!

"Why should I protect you?" The Princess pulled her hand away, and the giant demon plummeted to the ground, its eyeballs gone.
The dominant race of the Andromeda Empire may look lovely and sweet, but on their palms grow two special mouths, which they use to devour the eyeballs of their lovers and those they vanquish.
"Are we not friends?" Vera wiped the blood off her face, and appeared to be hurt by the Princess' words.
"Yea – yes," The Princess blushed and looked away. "I already regard you as my only friend for what has happened. I was not referring to you, Vera."
"No!" Sachi yelled as the gnarly jaws of a dragon closed around him.
"Do you surrender to me now?" The giant dragon jeered. "Surrender and concede that you are worthless, lowly rats, and I shall let you live!"
"I surrender! I surrender! Let me go!" Sachi screamed.
"Why, a lizard of your despicable breed should know better than to utter such foolish words! Even the geckos in my palace could crush you." The Princess gave her wrists a twirl.
"No! This has nothing to do with me!" Sachi yelled as the dragon cast him into the sky.
And just like that, the battle between the dominant species of Andromeda and the ancient giant dragon was over.

The moral? You won't get hurt if you just surrender.
Sachi was knocked out of the contest and woke Ike up with the slap of a slipper. Vera also survived thanks to the protection of the Princess.
"Argh! You imbecile! The mere sight of you is revolting. Do not come near me! Don't talk to me, don't look at me, nor breathe the same air as me, you lowly scum!" The Princess could not have a lower opinion of Sachi.

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