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Vera’s Melancholy (I)

Vera's Melancholy (I)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionI don't ever think the world is monotonous. It's just that interesting things happen in far away galaxies.
The great adventure of Vera, an ordinary girl always fascinated by distant lands, secretly begins.
Item Story
"There are times when I think to myself... There's nothing to do in this tiny village. What a dull place to live."
This wasn't the first time that Vera had complained about her hometown, the small country village of Delphi. Her frown eased slightly as she lay on the hillside near the village, eyes closed, feeling the breeze of the early summer.
"Then where in this world would you not consider dull?" Her buddy Sachi asked curiously.
Vera sat up and leaned forward.
"I believe on the other side of the Starry Sea is a planet inhabited by gods who can answer all prayers and wishes, and everyone bearing a wish is on a journey to get there. I believe, in our universe, there is a world currently in a war against doomsday, where the noble and elegant souls of fourteen Valkyries burn bright, if only for a brief but magnificent moment..."
"You've been reading too many of those weird fantasy novels."
"But... this village really IS dull. When was the last time anything fun happened here?"
"Funny you should say that, a new family did move into our village recently..."
"Novelty and fun aren't the same thing!"
Despite what she had said, Vera decided to pay a visit to the newcomers. Sachi, however, remembered his family's rules, and walked back home for dinner.

Vera gave the door to the newcomer's abode a gentle push. Much to her surprise, it wasn't locked.
"Anybody home?"
No sooner had the words left her mouth than the living room cupboard doors flew open and out jumped a black-haired boy wearing glasses. He was followed by a tentacled blue slime.
"Make way! Tal, why did you let a stranger in?"
The black-haired boy gently pushed Vera out of his way, and picked up an axe by the door.
"You leave me with no choice. Since you have seen everything, there is only one thing for it..."
Thus began the biggest crisis of Vera's life.

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