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The Legend of Vennessa (II)

The Legend of Vennessa (II)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionA popular song since the reconstruction of Mondstadt. It tells the story of Vennessa, the founder of the Knights of Favonius, in her early years when she met Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, as well as how she defeated the drake and overthrew the Aristocrats.
Item Story
The day came when Barbatos answered her devotion.
The Anemo Archon sought her fiery hair and descended to her position.
"Every being deserves a name," the spirit grinned.
"To weave your fair name into a song I yearn,"
"I seek nothing but your friendship in return."
The girl happily reciprocated, her fears swiftly dissipated.

And so, to the battlefield she marched to Barbatos's singing voice,
The demonic dragon fled from her might and the people did rejoice.
Corpulent aristocrats crawled under tables at such a valiant sight.
"Mondstadt is freedom," the winds sang for their people in delight.
Lonely forest breezes converged, jointly they overthrew the tyrant's tower from the sky.
Broken free from shackles at last, the young lioness stood firm in the winds with her head held high.

And so, the fiery-headed dame won herself prestigious fame.
Her heart swelled with appreciation to sing by the Anemo Archon's side.
But no words of gratitude should she utter, Barbatos replied:
"You first conducted what now transpires in your song."
"You have entrusted me with your friendship and your name."
"To praise your freedom, my songs came."

Friends, let us drink some more!
For thence flows the freedom of Mondstadt.
When days become nights and faces fill with despair,
Never forget the heroic tales of Vennessa, the dame with the flaming hair!
Never cease to pursue freedom, even when the land is bare!

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