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The Legend of Vennessa (I)

The Legend of Vennessa (I)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionA popular song since the reconstruction of Mondstadt. It tells the story of Vennessa, the founder of the Knights of Favonius, in her early years as a slave in Mondstadt.
Item Story
To freedom! To the Anemo Archon!
To Vennessa, the first Knight to grace this world!
Sons and daughters of Mondstadt, may the gift from the Anemo Archon be engraved in your hearts!
And let it be known that this gift is not freedom, but just defiance!

It transpired in ages past.
Friends, do excuse me for improvising,
For it should be clear as day, that the glory and freedom of Mondstadt
Were born when Barbatos struck the strings dolce.
Poems sing of heroic fame,
Yet to commemorate unnamed freedom should they aim.

Chained by the royals, Mondstadt could barely suspire,
And festivities were but vanity games of the rich,
Beyond the grasp of the ordinary people.
A withering dungeon, Mondstadt was.
In slavery games the royals gaily relished,
Oblivious to their place, the inmates were.

A fiery-headed dame confined to a cell,
From the southern plains she did hail.
Born free but now bound by chains,
Though restrained by a tyrant her flesh remained.
Still her pious soul never ceased to pray,
For her people, for Mondstadt, for illusive freedom if she may.

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