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The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (XI)

The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (XI)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description"Dandelion, Dandelion, ride the wind to a faraway land," the Fox chants.
An unforgettable Mondstadt fairytale about a hunter and a fox. The Fox in the Dandelion Sea, the final installment.
Item Story
Even if I wanted to protest, the dandelion had no mouth nor tongue for me to make a sound. All I could do was watch helplessly as the giant gently picked the dandelion plant from the ground and held it between her thumb and index finger.
"Dandelion, Dandelion, ride the wind to a faraway land."
The fox chanted.
And then with a puff, the dandelion seeds began to dance in the air. I was caught in a storm and whisked away to a distant sky.
The swirling made my head dizzy. Those eyes that glistened like gemstones in the lake had left me, along with my consciousness and the promise she had made.
"Oh, Anemo Archon, I beg you to turn us into humans! For only then can we be safe from their hunting bows and knives."
When I awoke, I found myself in the woods behind my village.
The woods were full of lush trees, and at the center of the woods was a small lake.
The lake was like the stained glass windows of Mondstadt Cathedral: crystal clear and shimmering in the sunlight.
The sun shone through the treetops and glistened on the water's surface like fragments of gemstone. It was really something.
The weather was cool that day. I was hunting in the forest when I arrived at the lake's edge. The shimmering water somehow reminded me of a girl I loved a long time ago.
I couldn't remember much about her, but felt that her eyes must have looked like the lake, glittering as if harboring fragments of gemstone within.
Hmm. I must have lost myself in thought that day, drifting off into sleep as I watched the sparkling lake.

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