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The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (X)

The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (X)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionThe somber parting has finally arrived... The Fox bids farewell to its mother, teacher, and the dandelion sea.
It's time to live up to the promise. The Fox in the Dandelion Sea, Part 10.
Item Story
After he had gone, the mother fox turned and walked over to me.
The closer she drew, the greater in stature she became.
By the time she stood before me, she had transformed into a human.
She was a tall and slender woman, with a swan-like neck and pearly skin. Her eyes sparkled like gemstone fragments in pools of water — in the darkness they seemed to shine like rays of sunlight on water after filtering through the treetops.
"What a beauty. She looks a lot like the girl I fell in love with long ago, though I barely remember her name. Those eyes tell me she must be her."
I thought to myself.
For all the magic and transformation I had witnessed, still nothing amazed me quite as much as the gemstone lakes of her eyes. For a while, we stood silently in the boundless dandelion sea.
At last, I could no longer contain myself, and opened my mouth:
"Is this the magic you wanted to teach me? The magic of transformation?"
"It is. I am most grateful to you for all your help over this long period."
She bowed to me, her long silky black hair flowing down her shoulders like streams.
Although saying farewell to the little fox left emptiness in my heart, I soon became exhilarated at the thought of the transformation magic that I was about to learn.
Could I transform into a flying bird once I'd mastered the magic? How high would I be able to fly? Maybe I could transform into a fish, and finally have the chance to go to Musk Reef.
"I could even use magic to hunt!" I couldn't contain my excitement. "No more meatless carrot stews for me..."
"Then I shall ask you to stand still."
She walked circles around me, her stature growing with every pass.
No, not just her. The dandelions were also growing in size! They had only been at my ankles when she started, but now stretched to over my waist, growing as if turning into towering trees.
It was only when I started to feel strange that I realized that the fox had become a giant.

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