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The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VII)

The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VII)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description"Dandelion, Dandelion, ride the wind to a faraway land," the Fox chants.
Can the Hunter also learn magic to make his wish come true? The Fox in the Dandelion Sea, Part 7.
Item Story
Still unfamiliar with the common tongue, he did his best to get the sentence out quickly, eager to befriend me.
He picked a little dandelion.
"Dandelion, dandelion, ride the wind to a faraway land."
The little fox chanted.
He blew the dandelion flower and sent the seeds flying. He then spoke in a more serious tone.
"May my teacher's wishes ride the wind and reach the Anemo Archon."
A wind blew past us and swept away the dandelion seeds.
"See? The Anemo Archon has just answered my wish!"
He exclaimed merrily.
"What wish did you make?"
"To become friends with my teacher."
He lowered his head abruptly.
"It must have been tiring to teach him to speak your language. Our mouths are structured differently from yours, so I must thank you for your effort."
We had not noticed the mother fox approaching. Her eyes were like bottomless lakes, and the little fox quietly hid himself among the dandelions to escape her gaze.
"When he has mastered human language,"
I thought to myself.
"When he has mastered human language,"
She spoke softly.

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