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The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (V)

The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (V)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionUpon accepting the Fox's conditions, he came to the place where all the prey who disappeared had eventually gone to — an endless field of dandelions.
The story of the Hunter and the Fox in the sea of dandelions. The Fox in the Dandelion Sea, Part 5.
Item Story
"So all the foxes that disappear during the hunt, this is where they hide away."
I thought to myself.
"What a beautiful place."
But when I began teaching the little fox to speak our common tongue, my heart always felt empty, like a wind was blowing inside of me.
When we talked, I would look into her gemstone-lake eyes. In those moments I felt like I was speaking not to the fox, but to a girl I used to love many years ago.
And so, when she was around me, it was as if I were in the presence of the child of someone I had once loved: We had an enjoyable time together, but the experience was somehow tinged with sadness.
But the thought of her promise — if I succeeded in teaching her child to speak the common tongue...
"I shall impart the magic of transformation to you when the time comes."
Remembering the way she made that solemn promise to me... I knew she was serious, and that gave me determination.
Could I transform into a flying bird once I'd mastered the magic? How high would I be able to fly? Maybe I could transform into a fish, and finally have the chance to go to Musk Reef.
"I could even use magic to hunt!" I couldn't contain my excitement. "No more meatless carrot stews for me..."
I lost track of how long I stayed in the dandelion sea, where everything sways gently with the wind.
One reason was that the little one was such a fast learner! I taught him not only our language, but everything I knew in one package, including how to count, how to grow carrots, how to change window panes, and how to sharpen knives.
When it came to rest, we would talk idly.
"Why must you learn human speech?"
He answered swiftly:
"So that when I transform into a human, I can befriend them!"
I continued:
"Why would you want to befriend the humans?"
He dropped his gaze.

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