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The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IV)

The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IV)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionAfter a few days apart, a long-awaited reunion takes place on a midsummer's night amidst a veritable blizzard of dandelion seeds.
At the direction of the fox, an ocean of dandelions opens up before the hunter's very eyes...
Item Story
But in those few days, prey in the forest became gradually more abundant.
Everything from small finches, long-legged cranes, and even scurrying boars...
Maybe it was the change in season, or some sort of repayment from the fox. Whatever the case, the following days brought real stew to the table.
But the fox never came again.
As strange as it may seem, it had honestly been easier to sleep hungry. Even with a full, satisfied stomach, I couldn't help but think about the day we met, and the woman that the fox had turned into...
When would I gaze upon her eyes again, glittering... like water in a lake.
Lying half-asleep with a heart full of turmoil, I heard a faint sound outside my door.
I hopped from the bed and swung the door open, eager to see a small white silhouette awaiting me.
But there were no lake-blue eyes, and there was no fluffy white foxtail. Instead, all I could see were dandelion seeds drifting in the white moonlight, floating like snowflakes in the air.
Suddenly, something got caught in my nostrils.
Immediately, the fluffy white dandelion seeds began to swirl, filling the sky like a snowstorm.
Amidst the flurry of dandelion seeds, a pair of jewel-like eyes were looking at me, staring straight into my heart.
Waving away the swirling dandelion seeds, I started walking towards the small fox.
The fox raised its ears and its furry tail flitted across the grass as it turned and disappeared into the depths of the forest.
I hurried and followed closely behind.
In amongst the darkness of the trees, soft patches of white could be seen weaving between the shadows.
Their silhouettes tip-toed like moonlight cast among the tree leaves, or like the hesitant strides of a crafty Seelie.
With unfaltering trust, I followed the fox round and about, soon emerging from the dark forest in a seemingly faraway land.
There, in the moonlight, a sea of dandelions lay before me, stretching as far as my eyes could see.
Stunned by the sight, I began to notice a rustling noise coming from just behind me.
It was a light, delicate sound. Like that of a girl walking barefoot across pine needles and leaves on the ground.
The fox approached me from behind. The night air ferried her presence, cool and damp, whisked together with the slightly bitter fragrance of dandelion flowers.
Two hands with slender, ice-cold fingers rested upon my shoulders.
She leaned in close to my ear and her long hair draped down over my shoulder.
Behind me, I felt the soft rhythm of both her breath and her heartbeat. It made me feel calm and at ease.
"Only the foxes know the way to this place. It is the homeland of the dandelions.
It is my desire that you would tarry here, and teach my child human language...
In return, I will teach you the magic of foxes."
There was a tickle in my ear, as if one of the dandelion seeds had grazed it on its journey into the warm night air.
Strange. I had certainly never mentioned anything about magic to her before. How could she have known?
Without answering, she took my hand and led me into the depths of the sea of dandelions.
The night breezes from both north and south carried the bitter fragrance of dandelion flowers and faded memories...
In those fields of velvet white, she showed me how foxes play gently together in their own fashion, until the moon rose high into the starry sky.

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