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The Boar Princess (VII)

The Boar Princess (VII)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionAll the sacrifices made out in the frozen plains were not in vain. The perfect ending of friendship, love, life and death!
This is the end to the famous and touching story, The Boar Princess.
Item Story
Covered in ice, the poor pup's once bright blue eyes had now grown dim, and he had all but forgotten how to bark.
"Aroo! You have come at the right moment, for I haven't had lunch yet!"
Hearing his words, the kind Boar Princess could not help but shed tears. Her warm tears seemed to melt a little of the ice at the tip of the pup's heart.
"Aroo! Why are you crying?"
"Oink, oink! You are going to starve out here — I have never seen such misery in my kingdom!"
"I will sacrifice everything to feed your hungry belly!"
The pup was stupefied by her words.
"Arooooooo! Miss, you must be mad! No-one has ever dared say such a thing to me!"
But when the pup saw the determination in her eyes, his frozen heart melted some more.
"Nope! That's why..."
"I will sacrifice two of the wisest and most caring members of my family just to feed you! It is for the sake of our friendship!"
The fox knew what horror she meant and attempted to run, but he was pinned to the ground by the pup and the Boar Princess. Grandpa Turtle was so frightened by the sight that he retreated into his shell.
The pup and the Boar Princess enjoyed a delicious appetizer of fox out in the snow. Next, they found a cave, picked a few mushrooms, built a fire with some moss, and treated themselves to a tasty turtle soup.
The pup felt the delight of sharing and making friends for the first time he could remember. His frozen heart melted completely, and he shed tears of joy.
The Princess took the pup by his paw, and the two merrily returned to their home.

(Wedged between the last two pages is a card bearing elegant handwriting: "Honey, I think it would be best if we donated this one to the library...")

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