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The Boar Princess (IV)

The Boar Princess (IV)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionThe wolf pup grew up in the cold loneliness. The secret past of the lone wolf is now revealed.
The Boar Princess, Part 4.
Item Story
Because of the curse, the pup's heart was pierced and frozen by an icicle. The pup became cold and mean forever after, and whenever other animals showed kindness to him, he would repay them with the harshest of words or the most woeful of deeds. In the end, every animal loathed him.
From then on, every wolf in the forest spoke of the pup in this way:
"Woof, what a selfish wolf he is! Such an obnoxious kid."
"Woof, woof, what a heartless wolf he is! Let us stay away from him."
One by one, the pup lost all his friends. The forest welcomed the lonely pup no more, so he had no choice but to head north.
The blizzards that blew in the northern tundra kept most creatures away. But with his heart already frozen solid, the pup was no longer afraid of the cold.
He decided to settle down there, and became the lone wolf that roamed the tundra.

(A young girl has written in the corner of the page: "Dada, but where did Woobakwa go?")

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