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The Boar Princess (III)

The Boar Princess (III)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description"Now and evermore shall you be bereft of hope." What fate awaits the wolf pup who bears such a cruel curse?
The Boar Princess, Part 3.
Item Story
When he got angry, he looked exactly like the wolf head relief atop the Mondstadt Cathedral.
But one day, when he was hunting in the forest, he ran into the evil squirrel sorcerer: Woobakwa!
Of all the beings in the ancient world, none were more evil than Woobakwa — not even demons and dragons. Woobaka despised everything nice, and swore to transform beauty into ugliness and turn light into dark.
At the sight of the joyful wolf, anger boiled inside him. He cursed:
"Squeak! Squeak! Angry am I! I shall spike his heart with the coldest ice, and he will never again know the meaning of hope!"
With that said, Woobakwa began to curse the pup with his magic.
But the rash pup gobbled him up, just like that, without the slightest warning.
Woobakwa was so furious that he cursed the pup using the most foul and insulting words ever uttered by a squirrel. The pup felt the noise coming from his mouth, and only then did he realize his mistake.
"Aroo, I'm so sorry, mister squirrel, I thought you were edible!"
The pup wished to apologize to the squirrel, but he felt his throat tighten and then loosen. The squirrel slid down to his stomach with a gulp.

(A sheet of paper bearing fine handwriting is taped to this page: "Lily, this is why you should eat cautiously when you're outside.")

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