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The Boar Princess (I)

The Boar Princess (I)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionA long, long time ago, in the forest kingdom... What legends occurred there?
The Boar Princess, Part 1. A story about friendship, love, and death.
Item Story
Mondstadt was a forest in that age, a playground of the boars.
In the forest was the Boar Kingdom, where everybody lived happily under the reign of the Boar King.
The King had a lovely young daughter, who had the prettiest snout, the whitest tusks, and the smoothest fur in the whole kingdom.
The Boar Princess, beautiful and kind, gave the juiciest and sweetest fruits to her subjects every day.
From sweet and sour berries, to crisp apples, to delicious tree mushrooms, the Boar Princess always shared her delicacies first with her friends.
Every boar in the kingdom adored their King and Princess, and every day they praised them so:
"Oink, oink! Bless our King! As long as he reigns over us, we will never starve!"
"Oink, oink! Bless the gentle Anemo Archon for giving our King such a kind and polite Princess!"

(There are some words in the margin written in tiny handwriting: "dada, if I dont eat candy efery night, and i pray eferyday, will i turn into a wild piggy? i want to be a wild piggy because they are so tasty")

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