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String of Pearls (I)

String of Pearls (I)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionZixin is a poor fisherwoman whose family struggles to make ends meet. One day, she is selling fish on the street when she carelessly loses the string of pearls she usually wears. Though what she does not know is that this lost string of pearls will change her fate for good...
Item Story
Male Role: Fan Jie
Female Role: Zixin
Comic Role: Grandma Zhang

Scene I
(Enter Zixin wearing blue clothes)
Zixin: "The tide reflects the mountains low, a light breeze nurtures reefs below."
Zixin: "I am a fisherman's daughter, I grew up by the dock. This year I am sixteen years old."
Zixin: "My parents are old now. What choice do I have but to take up the oar myself? It would seem I am fated for a life on the ocean."
(Dongtang, lento, innig)
Zixin: "With sail rope in hand, I cast the net among the free-swimming fish. It is with their trade that I shall sustain my family."
(Zixin casts out the net and brings it back in)
(Dongtang, appassionato)
Zixin: "It is hard every day under the sun, moon, and stars. The rich live fitfully whilst the poor must struggle. This is the way of things."
Zixin: "I too am envious of the wealthy women's splendor, though I have never pitied myself, even with but a single string of pearls on my wrist."
Zixin: "I have nothing to show for myself but bare walls. All I have is what I make with my own hands."
(Zixin ties her boat to the wharf and jumps to the shore)
(Dongtang, senza misura)
Zixin: "It's time to go on the streets and sell fish."
(Exit Zixin)

Scene II
(Enter Zixin carrying a hand-basket)
(Dongtang, straziante)
Zixin: "Fresh fish, fresh fish! Buy it here, buy it now!"
(Enter Grandma Zhang carrying a flower basket)
Grandma Zhang: "Look at those fish (fish wag their tails, spraying Grandma Zhang with water), so fierce! They will make a tasty soup!"
Grandma Zhang: "All soaked like that, from head to hips, don't I look like a young lady with pink cheeks and vermilion lips?"
Zixin: "What do they call you, granny?"
Grandma Zhang: "You can call me Grandma Zhang. I sell flowers on this street."
Grandma Zhang: "Deary, such a soft-spoken girl like you won't sell a fish before the sky turns dark."
Grandma Zhang: "You might be beautiful, but if you're too shy to raise your voice, you won't be able to fill your stomach."
(Zixin lowers her head)
Zixin: "You're so funny, granny."
Zixin: "Oh no... Where..."
Grandma Zhang: "What happened?"
Zixin: "My string of pearls, I never take it off my wrist. But it's gone. How could that be?"
(Enter Fan Jie, dressed in colorful stage clothing and holding the string of pearls)
(Dongtang, andante calmo)
Fan Jie: "Like a golden crow that utters the truth beyond the waves blue, I went for a stroll and a string of pearls appeared in my view."
Fan Jie: "My name's Fan Jie, at your service. I make a living doing odd jobs in the docks. My brothers here selected me as their leader."
Fan Jie: "The string of pearls I picked up today must belong to that lady."
Fan Jie: "I intend to return it to its rightful owner, though I don't want to be falsely accused of any indecent act."
Fan Jie: "Perhaps I shall see if there are any marks of wearing the pearls on her wrist."
(Dongtang, 12-bar prelude, irato)
Fan Jie: "In scorching sun and steaming breeze, does selling fish come with ease?"
Zixin: "My fish are fresh, that I guarantee. Boil them or fry, the choice belongs to thee."
Fan Jie: "Those fish are as fierce as a tiger, they won't stop moving even for a second."
Fan Jie: "Would you step forward and introduce yourself?"
(Zixin steps forward)
Fan Jie: "It's only fitting that these beautiful pearls belong to a fair lady of equal beauty."
(Dongtang, appassionato)
Zixin: "My heart is telling me that this man might be a mack, taking pleasure in playing with me, but he won't fool me with his nonsense."
Zixin: "I turn around with my apricot eyes wide open and scold him."
Zixin: "Such a scoundrel like you must have no dignity!"
Fan Jie: "No need to get so angry, milady. I just wanted to check if there are marks of wearing the pearls on your wrist."
Fan Jie: "It looks like, indeed, you are the rightful owner, milady. Now that the string of pearls is returned to you, you need not worry anymore."
Fan Jie: "My name's Fan..."
(Fan Jie pauses, covers his mouth, and turns to leave. Exit Fan Jie.)
Fan Jie: "It's time for me to go, ha."
Zixin: "Oh hero, please wait..."
(Dongtang, lento, innig)
Zixin: "Led by my timid heart, I wronged a righteous man."
Zixin: "I can't even remember the name of that hero of mine. What should I do to thank him?"
Zixin: "How shameful..."
Grandma Zhang: "But my deary, what is it if not destiny? A fair lady has finally met her noble hero."

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