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Ragged Notebook

Ragged Notebook
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionAnonymously authored notes. They describe a place seemingly not far from here.
Item Story

This place and the Thousand Winds Temple must have something to do with a god of Time.

How ironic that the ravages of "Time" have devoured all trace of the god who supposedly presided over it...

Also — the literature says that some ancient thinkers believed the Anemo Archon to have some sort of connection with this god...

If that's true, there must be some evidence of that here somewhere... Generally, that would be in the form of elemental evidence...

Also, it definitely feels particularly strange around here at a certain time of the day. Starts around 2 AM, and is over by 5 AM at the latest...

There is this sundial here, after all, and in the early hours of the day the blade's shadow falls directly downwards. It's quite striking, which is why it stands out in my memory.

But I'm no Vision holder. So while I can tell that something's up and theorize about what the cause might be, there's no way for me to investigate it properly.

Honestly, these days... trying to be an academic when you don't have a Vision, it's really restricting...

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