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Letter to the Treasure Hoarders

Letter to the Treasure Hoarders
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionA letter written by someone to the Treasure Hoarders about some plans for the Lantern Rite...
Item Story
Treasure hoardur big folk
I have an oppawtunity so crazy lucrative yet feasible
Once a lifetahm thing aye yall wouldnt wanna miss eh
Intrigued right
meet me in the dead of the night
I ll put my finest mask on to honaw yall guys and for yall to recognize me
and I humbly recommend that there yall do too
just so that there the authawity dont recognize yall folks
anyway Im no snitch of course
Just a kind reminder I think that theres the way treasure hoardur do things right to put on cool masks
and I know yall are cool folk, cool folk geds along with cool masks that
theres so cool and I like cool things yeah
so meet yall there then

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