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Legend of the Geo Archon: God of the Stove

Legend of the Geo Archon: God of the Stove
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionStories about the Geo Archon as the God of the Stove.
Item Story
It is said that in the early days after Liyue was founded, the first settlers built stoves with rocks and struck stones to make fire inside. Thus sheltered from the wind, the fire could persist. People at last knew the comfort of a warm fire, and learned the art of cooking. On this foundation Liyue Harbor was born. The settlers believed the rocks to be a blessing from the Lord of Rock, and as the city grew, restaurants and taverns throughout Liyue began worshiping him as "God of the Stove." Their hope was that the fire in their stoves would burn eternal, and their business might forever flourish.

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