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Legend of the Geo Archon: God of History

Legend of the Geo Archon: God of History
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionStories about the Geo Archon and his divine duties as the God of History.
Item Story
Liyue's historians refer to the Lord of Geo, who single-handedly founded Liyue Harbor, as the God of History. A preoccupation with history can also be observed in the local restaurants and taverns, many of which proudly bear banners touting their centuries-long existence. Those who take the idea even more seriously advertise stories of the time that the Lord of Geo visited their establishment and reviewed the food, always making sure to include a precise date for his visit.
But whenever a child asks in earnest exactly how long the Lord of Rock has been in this world for, the adults' answer is always the same:
"A very long time indeed, kid. A very long time indeed."

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