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Item #82

Chaos Circuit
TypeSecondary Ascension Material
In-game SlangCharacter Level-Up Material
In-game Description
Comes from ancient defunct relic structures. Was once a logic circuit responsible for movement functions. Sadly, no-one is able to make sense of how it worked.
Obtained from (In-game descriptions)
Dropped by Lv. 40+ Ruin Guards
Dropped by Lv. 40+ Ruin Hunters
Obtained from recipe
Chaos Device
x 3
Boost Up Characters
Astable Invention
When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% to obtain double the product.
Is Part of Recipe
Chaos Core
Chaos Circuit
x 3
NRE (Menu 30)
Lizard Tail
x 20
Chaos Circuit
x 20
Electro Crystal
x 50
Dropped by
Ruin Guard
Lv 40+
Ruin Hunter
Lv 40+
Ruin Grader
Lv 40+
Obtained from shop
Paimon's Bargains
Used to Ascend Weapon
Traveler's Handy Sword
Sacrificial Sword
White Iron Greatsword
Favonius Greatsword
Royal Greatsword
Wolf's Gravestone
Beginner's Protector
Iron Point
Favonius Lance
Skyward Spine
Recurve Bow
Alley Hunter
Favonius Warbow
Royal Bow
Amos' Bow
Otherworldly Story
Sacrificial Fragments
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
Primordial Jade Regalia