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Item #522

Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth
TypeWeapon Ascension Material
In-game SlangWeapon Ascension Material
In-game Description
Weapon Ascension Material.
The life of a wolf is not without violence; broken bones or cracked teeth are nothing special.
Andrius found humans to be a disappointment, but believed babies to be innocent. If both the wolf pack and the adopted children chose each other, then they become a Lupical, a fated family.
Obtained from recipe
Boreal Wolf's Milk Tooth
x 3
Boost Up Characters
Principium of Astrology
When Mona crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, she has a 25% chance to refund a portion of the crafting materials used.
Is Part of Recipe
Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang
Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth
x 3
Obtained from Domain
Cecilia Garden
Obtained from shop
The Chalk Prince and the Dragon
Windblume Festival
Midsummer Island Adventure
Shadows Amidst Snowstorms
Used to Ascend Weapon
Harbinger of Dawn
The Black Sword
The Flute
Sword of Descension
Skyward Blade
Waster Greatsword
Old Merc's Pal
Bloodtainted Greatsword
Sacrificial Greatsword
Skyward Pride
Dragonspine Spear
Hunter's Bow
Seasoned Hunter's Bow
Sharpshooter's Oath
Sacrificial Bow
Skyward Harp
Elegy for the End
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
The Widsith
Wine and Song
Dodoco Tales
Skyward Atlas

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