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Item #441

Teachings of Prosperity
TypeTalent Level-Up Material
In-game SlangTalent Level-Up Material
In-game Description
Talent Level-Up material.
Prosperity is the people's pursuit in the land of Geo.
Prosperity is the blessing of Liyue, it is the foundation of the great city built by the gods and the people of Liyue, and it is the source of the peace and safety of the land.
Is Part of Recipe
Guide to Prosperity
Teachings of Prosperity
x 3
Obtained from Domain
Taishan Mansion
Obtained as quest reward (4 matches)
Words Worth Their Weight in Mora (x4)
An Ode to Yonder City (x5)
Endless Research (x5)
Return of the Jade Chamber? (x2)
Used by Character

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