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Item #350040

Idyllic Town
In-game SlangFurnishing Set Blueprint
In-game Description
A detailed step-by-step blueprint for making an "Idyllic Town."
A corner of a rural town that follows after the style of Springvale.
Among the many praises that visitors sing of Springvale, "a relaxing environment" and "a comfortable lifestyle" stand out. But of course, these tourists largely stay in Springvale for but a short while. Long-term living in these places requires such skills as hunting and farming. Only by mastering such skills can one truly keep up with the locals' lifestyle, appreciate the gifts of nature, and enjoy Springvale's breezes and idylls.
After using this item, you can view it in the Placement Screen.
This Furnishing Set is favored by the following companions: Diona, Amber, Razor
Unlocks item
Idyllic Town
Obtained from shop
Realm Depot

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