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Item #3

Mystic Enhancement Ore
In-game SlangWeapon Enhancement Material
In-game Description
Weapon EXP material. Gives 10,000 EXP.
Legend has it that this refined ingot contains the memories of battles that had taken place in the land. The weapons that benefit from these memories naturally become sentient.
Obtained from (In-game descriptions)
Random Event Reward
Obtained from recipe
Crystal Chunk
x 4
Magical Crystal Chunk
x 3+
Original Resin
x 10
Amethyst Lump
x 4
Obtained from Domain
Lost Arcadia
Raptor's Hideout
Abyss Mage Stronghold
Hunt down the Abyss Mage
Catch up to Xiangling in the ruins
Hunt down the Abyss Mage
Karma-Heavy Cavern
Enter the Institute for Toy Research
Another Detour
Of Mysteries and Salt
Enter the "border"
Explore "Call of the Abyss"
Behind Enemy Lines
Beneath the Dragon-Queller
Obtained as quest reward (164 matches)
Hurdle (x2)
Light Guiding Ceremony (x2)
A Long Shot (x3)
Ending Note (x2)
Abyss Mage (x2)
Wolves' Territory (x2)
Another Day as an Outrider! (x2)
Ravaged by Wolves (x2)
Fate's Chosen Lupical (x3)
154 Matches are not displayed
Obtained as reputation reward
Frostbearing Tree (Mondstadt)
Sacred Sakura (Inazuma)
Obtained from shop
Paimon's Bargains
Unreconciled Stars
The Chalk Prince and the Dragon
Lost Riches
Lantern Rite
Windblume Festival
Traveling Depot
Energy Amplifier
Midsummer Island Adventure
Thunder Sojourn
Labyrinth Warriors
Shadows Amidst Snowstorms
Obtained as Handbook Reward
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 2
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 3
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 4
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 5
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 6
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 7
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 8
Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 9