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Item #112

Sergeant's Insignia
TypeSecondary Ascension Material
In-game SlangCharacter Level-Up Material
In-game Description
An insignia with a different shape to distinguish the sergeants from new recruits. Perhaps there are complicated emotions behind it.
Obtained from (In-game descriptions)
Dropped by Lv. 40+ Skirmishers
Dropped by some Lv. 40+ Agents
Dropped by some Lv. 40+ Electro Cicin Mages
Obtained from recipe
Recruit's Insignia
x 3
Boost Up Characters
Astable Invention
When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% to obtain double the product.
Is Part of Recipe
Lieutenant's Insignia
Sergeant's Insignia
x 3
Dropped by
Fatui Skirmisher - Cryogunner Legionnaire
Lv 40+
Fatui Skirmisher - Hydrogunner Legionnaire
Lv 40+
Fatui Skirmisher - Electrohammer Vanguard
Lv 40+
Fatui Skirmisher - Geochanter Bracer
Lv 40+
Fatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguard
Lv 40+
Fatui Skirmisher - Pyroslinger Bracer
Lv 40+
Fatui Pyro Agent
Lv 40+
Fatui Electro Cicin Mage
Lv 40+
Fatui Cryo Cicin Mage
Lv 40+
Obtained from shop
Paimon's Bargains
Used by Character
Used to Ascend Weapon
Skyrider Sword
Prototype Rancour
Festering Desire
Blackcliff Slasher
Favonius Greatsword
Primordial Jade Greatsword
White Tassel
Blackcliff Pole
Royal Spear
Dragonspine Spear
Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
Ebony Bow
Compound Bow
Elegy for the End
Mirror Breaker
Twin Nephrite
Royal Grimoire