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Item #100614

Vera's Melancholy (VIII)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game Description
Of course boys aren't invited to the girl's slumber party! Girls are sacrosanct, like the gods of the golden age.
Vera, the Princess, Saint King Lebannin, and Ur, alpha female of the Galactic Swarm, shall talk deep into the night!
Item Story
—The Girls Themselves—
"I said it was a misunderstanding! She was about to eat me." Sachi explained.
"I don't think she was intending to eat you," Ike said, pushing his glasses up. "The dominant race of the Andromeda Empire have organs on the palms of their hands that allow them to capture and consume eyeballs."
"I've seen it before. Looks like some sort of... lamprey?" Sachi shivered a little as he said that last word.
"Let me finish." Ike wanted to touch his eyes, but wound up pressing his fingerprint into his glasses. Taking his glasses off, he touched his left eye. "Their practice of eating eyes has two meanings: submission..."
He touched his right eye. "...and love."
Sachi also began to rub both his eyes, thinking about which it was back then.
"Whatever the case, I don't think the princess really understands the difference. Those who submit to her, those things she conquers, those who love her — they're all the same to her. People who can't hurt her in an imperial succession battle."
"Huh. No wonder those Andromeda Empire assassins kidnapped her. Two birds with one stone, eh?"
"I'm not getting involved in their succession wars. I can only help you support her better."
"Hey now — we're not like that! I mean, doesn't she hate me the most?"

And what were the girls talking about at this very moment? That may yet be an eternal mystery.

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