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Hilichurl Cultural Customs (III)

Hilichurl Cultural Customs (III)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionIt contains the investigations and observations into the cultural customs of the hilichurls by the "Poet Laureate of Hilichurlian," Jacob Musk, a Mondstadt ecologist. This volume features mysterious hilichurls who live apart from the others.
Item Story

Among the Hilichurls exists a kind of mysterious, large creature possessing both immense physical strength and the ability to control the elements. They use this elemental ability to further enhance their physical state, such as to protect themselves or increase the brute force of their attacks — a combination making them nearly unstoppable.

These powerful Hilichurls are called "Lawa" by the rest of the tribe, a respectful form of address best translated to mean "king" or "chief". However, Lawa don't actually rule over or lead the tribe at all. Rather, these large loners prefer solitude, avoiding the looks of reverence from the smaller Hilichurls.

Adventurers very rarely encounter these gigantic creatures. Still, even the most seasoned adventurers will think twice before going on expeditions into areas where these dangerous Lawas may be roaming.

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