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Hilichurl Ballad Selection (I)

Hilichurl Ballad Selection (I)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionThe masterpiece of the Poet Laureate of Hilichurlian! Scholar Jacob Musk will show you the mysterious spiritual world of the hilichurls through this poetry collection!
Item Story

The first song:
Mi muhe ye
Mi biat ye
Biat ye dada
Muhe dada

Quite possibly a battle song sung by the hilichurls before combat. I have observed that when two or more hilichurls are present, they engage in frenzied brawling after singing this vulgar song.

The second poem:
Eleka mimi-a-Domu
Mita domu-a-dada
Mimi mosi ye mita

The song is sung by hilichurls as they dance around totem poles. In my estimation it is some form of tribal hymn. It has an upbeat tone and is usually heard during festivals.

The third poem:
Mi muhe mita nye
Mi muhe mita nye
Muhe nye
Muhe nye
Biat, gusha

A melancholic hilichurl song I heard during an exchange with an elderly samachurl. Although I do not yet understand the literal meaning of the poem, the overwhelming sense of grief that comes through in the song is enough to captivate the best poets in my birthplace (despite such praise, I must admit the acrid smells coming from the elderly hilichurls were just as melancholic, and just as overwhelming).

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