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Liyue House: Moon-Crested Eaves

Liyue House: Moon-Crested Eaves
TypeFurniture - Liyue
Adeptal Energy60
In-game Description
A small but exquisite Liyue-style house. It was designed with an open roof that may be used for drying clothes, or for drinking wine and gazing at the moon.
Best to watch your step while using the stairs to the roof if you're one to get drunk, however, lest you fall onto some unfortunate passerby.
Obtained from recipe
Pine Wood
x 6+
Sandbearer Wood
x 6+
White Iron Chunk
x 6+
Recipe unlocked with item
Liyue House: Moon-Crested Eaves
Recipe item obtained as reputation reward
Trust (Serenitea Pot)

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