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Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome

Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome
TypeFurniture - Carpet
Adeptal Energy60
In-game Description
A rug after the style of those found in Wangshu Inn. The blazing gold and simple patterns make for a luxurious but friendly and welcoming first impression, which is why it is situated at the entrance.
Obtained from recipe
x 8+
Red Dye
x 2+
Yellow Dye
x 2+
Recipe unlocked with item
Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome
Recipe item is a Handbook Reward
Adeptal Mirror - Round 1
Is Part of Furniture Suite
Book Lover's Study ( x1 )
Fully Furnished Mondstadt Bedroom ( x1 )
Meeting Room of the "Strategic Six" ( x1 )
Well-Equipped Study ( x1 )
Feiyun Study Room ( x1 )
Cloudy Haze Dream-Court ( x1 )

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