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Gold-Lined Sandbearer Nightstand

Gold-Lined Sandbearer Nightstand
TypeFurniture - Ornament
Adeptal Energy60
In-game Description
A Liyue-style nightstand built from the wood of the Sandbearer tree. Its four legs are wrapped in metal that makes it as sturdy as it is lovely.
Drawer space here is quite sizable indeed, being enough to even contain a catalyst for self-defense, all the better of the owner of the house to counterattack when roused from sleep. It is said that this design was popularized by a biography of successive Tianquan tenures.
Obtained from recipe
Sandbearer Wood
x 8+
Blue Dye
x 2+
Red Dye
x 2+
Recipe unlocked with item
Gold-Lined Sandbearer Nightstand
Recipe item obtained from shop
Realm Depot
Is Part of Furniture Suite
Plain Liyue Bedroom ( x1 )
Cloudy Haze Dream-Court ( x1 )

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