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Amber Irontrunk Tree

Amber Irontrunk Tree
TypeFurniture - Tree
Adeptal Energy20
In-game Description
Save for a few rare and precious tree types, the people of Liyue are accustomed to using broad-reaching collective terms for trees and aren't so fussy about the exact species of tree included. For example, trees with straight trunks are referred to by the more sophisticated-sounding term "Irontrunk."
Because the trunk of the Amber Irontrunk Tree is so straight, some adventurers use it to make wooden weaponry so that they can practice with each other and hone their fighting skills.
Whether this kind of training comes in handy when the time comes to brandish a real weapon and face off against a formidable foe is hard to say.
Obtained from shop
Realm Depot
Obtained as Handbook Reward
Adeptal Mirror - Round 2

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