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Dainty Fists

"Dainty Fists"
TypeFurniture - Rock
Adeptal Energy20
In-game Description
A legend holds that Rex Lapis laid down sturdy rocks like these on a treacherous road in Mt. Tianheng to pose an obstacle to his foes. A great general under the command of a rival god passed by, saw the rocks in the road, and scoffed: "These dainty rocks are no match for my fists." He then ordered his troops to continue their advance. To his surprise, the wheels of his chariot failed to crush these hardy rocks, and it lost control and overturned. The general fell some way down the mountain, then fled. This rock was named "Dainty Fists" in tribute to the prideful words that preceded his fall.
Is Part of Furniture Suite
Weapon Forging Station ( x1 )
Idyllic Town ( x1 )
Qingce Cloud Residence ( x2 )
Of Hunting and Dancing ( x1 )
Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque ( x2 )
Obtained from shop
Realm Depot

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