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Pavilion: Stargazer’s Shelter

Pavilion: Stargazer's Shelter
TypeFurniture - Liyue
Adeptal Energy90
In-game Description
This tented-roof pavilion is a perfect place to sit and cool down in the shade, or to watch the stars while reciting poetry.
Usually, a pavilion like this would come with a table for drinks and snacks so that people can sit and drink tea or wine and enjoy a few nibbles while admiring the view. But the view in this realm is so stunningly beautiful that one could admire it all night long. So, to avoid encouraging heavy drinkers to spend all night drinking in the pavilion, Tubby has taken the liberty of removing the table.
Obtained from recipe
Sandbearer Wood
x 18+
White Iron Chunk
x 6+
Recipe unlocked with item
Pavilion: Stargazer's Shelter
Recipe item obtained from shop
Realm Depot

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