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Mondstadt Mansion: Windward Manor

Mondstadt Mansion: Windward Manor
TypeFurniture - Mansion
Adeptal Energy750
In-game Description
One of the main buildings to be found within a teapot abode. This Mondstadt-style luxury villa is very spacious, and when you sing out strong, the echoes will come back to you from all sides.
These buildings are highly-complex constructions and are a rare sight in Mondstadt.
Tubby explained its presence to you thusly: that Madame Ping had arranged for her to prepare this particular villa after hearing that a certain bard had visited another adeptus's abode recently. Seeing as how you are quite familiar with this fellow, you never know when you might need just such a place.
Obtained from recipe
Cuihua Wood
x 50+
Yellow Dye
x 20+
Obtained as reputation reward
Trust (Serenitea Pot)

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