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Liuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor Lamp

Liuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor Lamp
TypeFurniture - Lighting
Adeptal Energy60
In-game Description
A standing floor lamp that is made of Sandbearer Wood.
This style of lamp has been in vogue ever since the standing lamps of Liuli Pavilion gained rave customer reviews.
Some say that the one who crafted these lamps had considered their use in many different settings from the very first. As such, they fit right in regardless of whether they are placed at a restaurant, a tea house, or even in someone's humble home.
Needless to say, this flexible product has sold rather well indeed.
Obtained from recipe
Sandbearer Wood
x 4+
x 4+
Red Dye
x 4+
Recipe unlocked with item
Liuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor Lamp
Recipe item is a Handbook Reward
Adeptal Mirror - Round 1
Is Part of Furniture Suite
Tea Talk ( x1 )
Book Lover's Study ( x1 )
Feiyun Study Room ( x1 )
Cloudy Haze Dream-Court ( x1 )

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