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Fragrant Cedar Vegetable Rack

Fragrant Cedar Vegetable Rack
TypeFurniture - Cabinet
Adeptal Energy20
In-game Description
A tall stack of shelves built from Fragrant Cedar. This shelf rack can store a great number of items, and is typically found in the kitchens of busy inns and restaurants as well as the estates of wealthy families.
Each shelf can bear a good amount of weight, but firsthand user experience suggests it is not wise to put large items on the very top shelf. Especially not, say, a full-bellied Guoba.
Obtained from recipe
Fragrant Cedar Wood
x 10+
Red Dye
x 5+
Is Part of Furniture Suite
Busy Kitchen ( x1 )
Gathering of Gourmets ( x1 )
Obtained from shop
Realm Depot

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