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Echoing Conch List

Echoing Conch
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Songs of a Distant Home
Chapter 2: Strangers in a Strange Boat
Chapter 3: Unlucky Father
Chapter 4: My "Hero"
Chapter 5: Grand Line
Chapter 6: Familiar Voices
Chapter 7: Island Bygones
Chapter 1: Songs of a Distant Home
Five Mountains Hide the Little Village
: "Ten years ago today, we were shipwrecked on this island. We've been stranded here ever since."
: "Child, on this special day, Granny has a gift for you. It comes from Granny's hometown. Keep it safe, don't lose it. And don't forget the nursery rhyme Granny taught you."
: "Five mountains hide the little village..."
Two Paths Through the Lonely Forest
: "I should give the family treasure to you, just to be safe."
: "Mommy's grandma said that it came from her hometown, far, far away. Mommy doesn't remember that place very well, because she got on a boat and left her hometown when she was very little. But maybe this nursery rhyme can help keep the memory of our hometown alive."
: "...Two paths through the lonely forest..."
One River Flowing Down the Middle
: "*sigh* How time flies... In the blink of an eye, I've grown old... Ah! Hello darling, come to Grandma... Ooh! Goodness, someone's growing up fast aren't they? You're not a small child anymore!"
: "Now, what do you think this might be? Haha, it's a family heirloom. Grandma's ancestors brought it with them when they came here many years ago. Today, Grandma is giving it to you. Take it, and remember this nursery rhyme..."
: "...One river flowing down the middle..."
Four Winds Bring the Sound of Joy
: "Hey, guess what? Grandma gave me a gift, wanna see it? Here. Grandma says it comes from the world outside. She says our ancestors brought it to the island when they first came here."
: "Oh, and she taught me a nursery rhyme, too. Umm... I think it goes like this:"
: "...Four winds bring the sound of joy."
The Clan of Song, Scattered
: "The tides are getting higher by the year. If the water level rises much further, we will stand very little chance of survival..."
: "There's no other choice. I must tell everyone to pack up their belongings and move to higher ground."
: "Mother!"
: "What's wrong?"
: "The tide reached us, so I told everyone to run and get to higher ground. But the family heirloom — I'm sorry... It was a choice between that and getting everyone to safety, so I... I didn't have enough time to get it."
: "It's right in the center of the island. If the water recedes sometime, or if someone gets in from outside, we'll just have to get them to find it for us."
Chapter 2: Strangers in a Strange Boat
The Trapped
: "Hey, I found it! The other half of the ship, it's here! *sigh* After everything we went through with the army, all our hard-won treasure is gone, and so's the ship... When Chief Janome finds out, we'll be in for the scolding of a lifetime..."
: "This samurai puppet is all that's left. Hah... and we're no more capable of getting out of here on our own strength than it is."
Where Duty Lies
: "Oh no, the ship! This is Ako Domeki's pride and joy! I can't believe it... Ako only just gave us the ship, and now we're suddenly stranded here on this island in the middle of nowhere, and all our treasure's gone! We had this coming... This is our punishment! Oh, we never should have stolen that stupid puppet! Why, why did we—"
: "Shut it! We are going to fix Captain Ako's ship, you hear? No matter what it takes!"
Chapter 3: Unlucky Father
Sudden Attack
: "Hilichurls!? What are they doing here— Argh! G—Get off me... Help! Heeeelp!!!"
A Father's Thoughts
: "No... Dongdong is still waiting for me to come home... *sigh* Oh, Dongdong, your father misses you... I hope you're finishing your meals and going to bed on time, like a good boy..."
Mysterious Savior
: "Hmm? Someone's here to rescue me...? Oh my... Thank you, you kind soul! Thank you, thank you!"
Chapter 4: My "Hero"
"The General"
: "But the General's a good guy, he protects us!"
: "I've told you, it's too dangerous... Hey! Where are you running off to?"
Stoic Bloom
: "The grown-ups say you come from a faraway land and that you're dressed like an army general... Don't you wanna talk to me? If not... it's okay if I give you this flower, right?"
: "Mother says you're not one of us. But you protected us! Didn't you, General? ...Oh, I forgot... you won't talk to me."
: "Mother also says that your hometown is far away from here, just like ours. So far away that none of us even know where it is... General, do you ever miss your home?"
Chapter 5: Grand Line
Professional Attempt
: "Today we tried sailing in a fixed direction, but the boat kept returning to its starting point. Reason unclear..."
: "Told you. We've been here long enough that we've already tried everything you could think of."
: "Huh, as if you islanders would even know where to start. We are the pirates of Inazuma, feared all across the ocean! Maybe you could learn a thing or two from our expertise."
: "The same expertise that got you stranded here?"
: "...Bah!"
Fog and Exit
: "Listen carefully! The fog in this area seems to come and go following a regular pattern! From morning to night, it gradually changes in distribution, thinning in some places while thickening in others. If my guess is correct... then the way out of these islands is hidden behind the fog. All we need to do is find it, then we can get everybody out of here!"
: "Really? Take me with you!"
Moon and Wind
: "As long as we stay on this course, following the waves... We just need one good strong gust of wind."
: "Well, as it happens, the wind direction changes in quite a unique way when the moon rises at this time of the year."
: "Really? Are you sure?"
: "Yep, I know the winds in these seas like the back of my hand!"
Stone and Phantom
: "What the... What happened to that rock?"
: "If you look closely, you'll see it's just an illusion caused by the fog."
: "Ah, wow... A mirage!"
: "A 'mirage'...?"
Sail and Escape
: "The fog is clearing — just like you said!"
: "Haha, we just need to keep sailing downwind and we'll be home free!"
Chapter 6: Familiar Voices
An Archon's Deeds
: "This whole island is a chunk of Mondstadt mountain. A great force dislodged it from the mountain range and cast it into the sea. As it fell, it began to spin, and ultimately landed upside-down, hence the topography you see today."
: "Rather interesting. Another masterwork by the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, no doubt."
Seaside Reminiscence
: "Diluc, you're a man who knows his own mind. So, help me decide — is it seabird-hunting time or seashell-collecting time?"
: "...What is that supposed to mean?"
: "Come now, Diluc, be nice! Do you really want to stay here and do nothing at all? We might as well find a way to pass the time. I simply thought collecting seashells might be fun. It was last time — although, we were much younger then."
: "I didn't know you still remembered anything from back then... Huh."
Grilled Fish, Tortoises, and Innocence
: "Hehe, the fish from here must taste amazing! Klee really wants to try one..."
: "Alright, let's go catch some fish together! But we need to be quiet, okay? We mustn't let my big sister find out."
: "Really? You like eating fish too?"
: "Haha, I sure do, but I like catching them even more! When we were kids, my sister and I used to go catching fish together sometimes. She might look super-serious now, but let me tell you, when she was a kid, she was so much fun. She even had a pet tortoise! Hehe, can you imagine?"
Wolf's Predicament
: "Strange com... component..."
: "Razor hungry. Hungry for... fish."
: "Water on the left, and on the right... more water."
Chapter 7: Island Bygones
Wisdom of the Ancients
: "We simply put the net here and wait. When the tide goes out, the fish will get caught in the net."
: "Wow, amazing!"
: "You like that, huh? Haha, the ancestors have a lot more wisdom where that came from."
Incoming Tide
: "Hey! Do you hear that? That sound means the tide is coming in any second! We have to get to the top of the mountain! Here, climb up this vine, go!"
Nowhere to Run
: "What? You're saying you've been trapped on this island for... for generations!?"
: "Trapped or not, this is the only life we know. We can't leave..."
: "Good god... So are we... stuck here now, too?"
The Outside World
: "No, just listen to me. There's a huge world out there! Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma... Compared to the size of those places, these islands are just a few pebbles in a pond!"
: "L—Liyue? What's that...?"
: "*sigh* Never mind, forget it. Alright. That's it then. The rest of my life, here... eating nuts and berries, and... waiting around to die."
The Inverted Ruins
: "The ruins here are quite a sight to behold... But why are they upside-down?"
: "I don't know. They were here before our ancestors arrived... We took a lot of the stone to the different islands to use as building materials."
The Price of Experimentation
: "We can't let the size of the ocean intimidate us. We have to at least try!"
: "You think we haven't tried before? We can't afford to lose anyone else!"
None Return
: "I've seen it with my own eyes, people disappear into the fog and never return. So please... do not put yourself in danger!"
Pro-Exit Persuasion
: "Grandpa, everyone else has decided to leave. You're the only one left. Please, Grandpa, trust me... just this once. I promise you I've found the way out."
: "...*sigh* Very well. I will give you my trust. All of our fates now lie in your hands."
Tidewatch Sentries
: "Hey! Careful, you can't go napping here. You'll catch a cold. Go on, I'll take over. How is the sea — anything to report?"
: "Hmm...? Ugh, I must have fallen asleep... Oh! Uh, don't worry, no sign of the tide coming in so far."
High Tide Warning
: "Quick! Sound the alarm! The tide is coming in!"
Seashells CollectedReward
# 4
x 30000
# 8
x 30000
# 12
x 30000
# 16
x 30000
# 20
x 30000
# 24
x 30000
# 28
x 30000
# 32
x 30000

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